Monday, April 18


Well that was just a blissful weekend. Friday night was so nice. The arizonoids and partners are amongst my most favourite people in the world. It was lots of fun, and met some nice new people too.

Had a family dinner/send off for JD. My beautiful nieces were as gorgeous as ever.

And Sunday was just hanging out with my main man. Bliss! Also caught up with Tim & AJ - always fun, until some residents from the area decided to bring their ugly business into the pub - it nearly got really ugly. It made me feel scared and I just wanted to come home.

Huge birthday greetings to Karen!!!!!! for today.

Can you believe it's 33 whole degrees? Bondi was gorgeous this morning. I didn't get to swim-swim, as I was holding the girls hands while they splish splashed in the rippy shallows. It didn't matter, as it was about 10 degrees cooler on the waters edge and it felt great.

Finally also got to see Kelvin after what feels like years. Must catch up with those guys properly soon. By the way, if you're in Bondi and want the best food and chilled out old style corner cafe, then check out The Hobbitt.

And if avian flu isn't enough to scare you shitless, did anyone see the docos on the super volcanoes. Really well produced and very scary. The SMH has another article about it today, but I can't share the link with you as I couldn't view the document either as I'd already read one article and haven't registered. That really really sucks. I really don't want to have to register with a newspaper.

Gotta go do a few things before yoga.



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