Thursday, June 30

Kids & Music

Had the very great pleasure of looking after my niece yesterday for a couple of hours. It is amazing how much fun you can have with a 2 year old. I am so lucky to have this relationship with Jindi & Doll - they're basically like my own. Later in the day I then looked after my friends's 1 year old - there is such a huge difference between those two ages - but he was fun too.

Arriving at the Annandale last night made me feel extremely old. Dallas Crane had sold out which means the place was more than just crowded. I just wasn't in the mood for cramming in with all those people. After sussing the scene out I got JD and I a place right up close with no hassle going on at all in the crew only area. Don't know how it worked but it did. Dallas Crane were GREAT. I'm not a huge fan at all, but I can honestly say they really are a tight hot band live and the lead singer/guitarisr & drummer are awesome. Real talent.


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