Sunday, July 24

Happy Birthday sweet Doll!

Today Doll turns 2 years old. I was at her birth - just like I was for her big sister 3 years before that. My sister is a true sight to behold when giving birth. She does it all natural and for Doll she did it at home with 2 gorgeous midwives helping. It was such an amazing experience, and like Doll's grandmother, she is a home birth child.

Here is a shot of Doll at less than 3 minutes old. And the following one is Jindi wanting to get very involved with her new baby sister - I remember one of the first things she said about her "She smells funny".


I love you very much - lots of love


Blogger kath red said...

how beautiful. the baby and her sister. but how amazing that you were with your sister giving birth, what a wonderful relationship.

11:44 am  
Blogger dani said...

I feel very lucky that she wanted me there too. And her husband was also cool with it. My Mum was also at the 1st birth, but she was looking after the older girl while the little was born.

We're twin sisters actually and I suppose maybe that's why we are so close.

3:13 pm  
Blogger caliope said...


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