Tuesday, April 19

Losing The Faith

I cannot believe people lie like this.

So way back in November, JD was on his way home and slightly bumped a car in front of him at the lights at take off. He fully agreed with the other driver that he was at fault,that he had made the collision at roughly 5-10km's an hour, but it wasn't an "accident" rather it was an incident - an incident which left 2 indentations in the paintwork, not metal, of the bumper bar from our car's screws that hold the license plate on. We have just received a letter from the other car's insurance company wanting $500+ from us. And they're claiming stuff like: rear lights, new bumper bar and rims for the tyres. Like what the f**k are you f**king talking about? I am so angry. JD had the foresight to actually get this driver to write down on a piece of paper what the actual damage was - so now I am wondering whether this piece of incriminating evidence could be used against this liar and wanna be thief.

I hate this. This is wrong. And now we're going to have to spend $500 (excess) in order to have our insurance company fight this for us. I can't believe this. I wish I hadn't opened that mail right now. talk about how to ruin a good mood in 20 seconds.

Hint No.1 Always have a camera with you in the car - that way you will always have visual proof!



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