Sunday, July 24

Weekend Roundup

It's actually been a nice weekend, despite a few fuckups and some tediousness.

JD has been wanting a rug for our living room since we moved in more than 3 years ago. He didn't think it felt cosy without one on our hard wooden floors. Finally we went in search of one. We drove all the way out to an IKEA near Homebush. This meant driving approximately 30 minutes west along one of Sydney's most ugly streets - Parramatta Road. It's car yard after car yard, bumper to bumper smog filled air disgustingness.

Anyway, it's all an experience and we got a rug, that we like, from IKEA. Now I love ruggy so much I can't stop lying on it. And I even love it despite it shedding itself all over the house in huge woollen fluff balls. So our home is now an even cosier haven.

Stuffed ourselves stupid at Sagar South Indian as a reward for enduring all that smog - Masala Dosai, Lamb Varutha & Malabar Fish Curry - yummmmmmmmmmmm.

To top the night off - watched the 3rd day of the Test - stunning stuff - cricket was definitely the winner and the Tour de France - just awesome.

Walked a lap of Centennial Park today - first time in months. It was like summer had returned today - it was really beautiful there.

Couldn't get our computer to recognise our new adsl modem - and Telstra's helpline couldn't help either - they gave up after an hour. Brilliant. Frustrating as hell. Then JD started work again on chipping back the sandstone slab at the fireplace - and while cleaning up the vacuum cleaner bag burst spewing sandstone dust all over the entire house, filling our lungs and eyes and clothes and hair and covering every surface. Brilliant. Just what you need on a Sunday afternoon when you're starving and want to get started with dinner.

And now with nicely stuffed bellies once again, we're feeling fantastic, relaxed, happy and loving playing on ruggy.



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