Wednesday, November 23


I am really pretty chuffed at how good my German is going - especially how much I understand. Having not used it much since leaving at the end of '99 except when speaking with JD's parents, it has hung in there.

I'n watching loads of tv - lots of talk shows and cooking and lifestyle programmes, and it really does help you speak normal every day German. German phrases and quotations are running around my head continually. And I repeat automatically in my head what is being said. I think this is what kids must do every day when they're still learning their mother tongue.

Recently caught Jamie Oliver and Bill's cooking shows. They dub/synchronise anything here in German - and what was hilarious was they got a guy who even had a lispy way of talking to do Jamie. I hadn't seen Bill's before because I don't get Foxtel, so I was nicely surpised seeing endless shots of Bondi and Palm beach and Cabramatta and Chinatown and the Harbour for an hour - but watching his dishes come out was pure torture - it all looked perfectly divine.


Anonymous nicole said...

Total immersion really is the best way to learn all about a language & culture, I reckon.

I was surprised how much my Japanese came back to me travelling around for a month last year.

Somehow I don't think it will be the same case with my Chinese - I really need to practise!!!

11:43 am  
Blogger kath red said...

sounds like it is all going swimmingly

12:47 pm  

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