Tuesday, November 22

Guten Morgen!

Hallo! Finally finally finally I’m back on track and have contact with the outside world.

It’s been just over a week since I touched down into Frankfurt & Berlin. I’m happy to report the flight went well and I didn’t feel sick until we hit the highway and JD was flying me back to the hotel in our super extremely sporty BMW hire car. Feeling dehydrated, over tired, jetlagged and travelling at over 200km’s in a car was just too much for me that we needed to make a little stop on the way. My theory about eating lots of little meals so my blood sugar didn’t drop too much seemed to do the trick.

The sun has been mostly shining but it is bloody freezing. It’s been hovering around the 4 degree mark, and dropping well below that at night. It’s the sort of cold that makes my face tingle after about 5 minutes, then my nose starts to run and my eyes water and then my face feels pretty much numb. And if I start taking photos, after a couple of minutes I lose proper functioning of my motor skills and my fingers feel all thick and uncoordinated and basically I can’t do anything with them anymore. Which is pretty bad when you need to find change to buy a train ticket and you can’t even feed the money into the slot. Or your mobile phone rings and you can’t undo the zipper of your bag and then you drop the phone once or twice before turning the ringing off that has been annoying everyone around you for the last 47 seconds.

Thank you to everyone who sent nice wishes after I departed. I’ll be getting around to everyone’s blogs as soon as I can.

Tschüss & bis bald & enjoy some pics below of my first hours back in Germany.


Anonymous kimbofo said...

Glad you arrived safely. I've missed you around here!

The weather in London is chilly too - but only in the mornings and at night. The stuff in between is beautiful: gorgeous blue skies and lots of sunshine. I love this time of year.

6:21 am  
Blogger Heather said...

Germany huh? cool, I want to go there someday. I was in an outhouse once and was so cold I could not pull my pants back up. It took me 15 minutes and then I couldn't get the zipper up. I sat in that stinky outhouse crying, frusterated my fingers wouldn't move properly. I feel for you.

10:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hé, hé... Good description. :) Yeap, it's cold all right.
And ehh... they were predicting more cold weather. Brr :( (hate it) :(
Anyway glad you had a good journey and to read of you again

9:41 pm  

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