Wednesday, November 9

State of Affairs

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The new laws the Australian Government passed in a massive hurry last week, which enabled a massive sweep of suspected terrorist and supposed aversion of a terrorist attack, are for me part of a deepening crisis not only Australia but the world is about to endure.

I truly hope what the police are saying is true because right now all of these supposed terrorists and their families are being treated like they're guilty.

Our supposed democracy and right to a fair trial is being eroded away. Being presumed innocent until proven guilty has disappeared if you listen to the media in Australia currently. I find it sickening and I need to stand up and say I don't like what's happening.


Blogger Heather said...

Scary, I think about that alot too. I'm not so sure people really do believe innocent untill proven guilty, it's the other way around, especially for certain crimes.

3:26 am  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

it's happening here too and it's just sickening. everytime i hear a story it just amazes me.

6:25 am  
Anonymous kimbofo said...

It's worse here in the UK. But at least Tony Blair's motion to extend the amount of time terror suspects can be detained from 14 days to 90 days has been defeated. Sometimes it's good to see democracy at work.

6:39 am  

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