Friday, November 4

End of the Week

My last day of work for the year couldn't have been nicer. 2 of the most talented musicians/composers in the country, and who I worked for 10 years ago were there today, and we "reformed the band" so to speak for a couple of hours and had an excellent and overdue catchup.

Had a fantastic encounter with a well established Aussie actress while she was waiting to do some voice over work, who is not only physically stunning but is one of the warmest and open people I've ever met. We instantly clicked - and she just left me feeling really happy.

And now the weekend is here with so much to squeeze in that an early night is in order.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Blogger la vie en rose said...

good weekend wishes to you as well. sounds like an incredible friday. thanks so much for the wonderful compliments on my blog! i do appreciate you!

6:24 am  

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