Monday, October 24

I don't like Mondays

Only when I have to work. Which is a rarity for me I know, but after a weekend of so much fun in the sun it was the last thing I felt like doing today. For the next 2 weeks I'll be working at a recording studio for a friend. Which gives me little time for thinking, doing and preparing for leaving for 2 months. I also found out from JD today that we only have basic dial-up in the hotel and the hotel will charge their normal over the top timed call rates- so I think my internet usage is going to have to be rather limited. I'll have to save up for all my normal blog reading and flickring until I get to JD's parent's house every weekend or so. I suppose the fact that this bothers me is an indication that I've become a slight bit addicted to the internet's offerings and so maybe an enforced cut back / break might be healthy.

Here are some pics from the commute. Way too many cars on the road - that's Sydney.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

Working in a recording studio sounds like an adventure. Well, after hearing you talk about limited internet access I think I could probably use a break too. I don't know that I could go that long without blogging and reading other blogs. It's kind of become my thing - the one thing that I have that's mine. Fortunately if I was ever traveling with my mate it wouldn't be an issue. He runs his own business from his computer so internet access (on his computer and his cell phone) is a must.

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