Tuesday, November 29


At midday I went for a walk near the hotel, to take some more photos of the snow on my way to get some lunch. 2 hours later I’m back in my room starving with hunger. I wouldn’t have bothered getting the hotel to call the police if JD hadn’t made me. I just thought I’d had a bit of bad luck running into a wanker.

I had been taking a shot of the tower when I heard clicking tongue sound. I turned around and through the lattice and leaves I saw a man with his dick in his hand wanking. I didn’t dare give him eye contact, I was scared and I also didn’t want to give him the gratification of seeing my shocked face. I quickly walked away, and turned around after 20-30 seconds to see if he was following me, and he was standing more out in the open still wanking. After a minute I came across 2 women and told them about it and then we looked in the direction where I’d come from and the guy was getting on his bike and riding off. One of the women said she thought she might know who he was. I called JD and he said I should call the police. The hotel thought it was also a good idea because it has happened there before.

I had my camera in hand, it was on, and I didn’t think to take a shot. Pathetic. The police came within 10 minutes and I really couldn’t tell them much. Then they wanted me to talk to detectives, who then took me back to the “scene of the crime”. Because it had snowed, you could see the guys footprints and his bike tracks perfectly. My story was totally corroborated. The footprints were measured and photographed. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be any of his DNA.The 1st cops even found and spoke to the 2 women I’d talked to but they, weirdly, gave a completely different description of the guy. I then had to drive around to see if we could see him.

I now am unsure if my description is correct, or whether they really did know him and therefore gave a different description. I am amazed by how little I can remember about the man except his jacket. The police were extremely friendly despite being quite frustrated with my lack of detail.


Blogger kimbofo said...

Eww, what a horrible experience for you.

6:48 am  
Anonymous Julius said...

Yeah, that's awful.

It's always in retrospect that something as simple as taking a photo of the bloke (and putting it on Flickr) comes to mind.

7:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clicking noises.
You are certainly having some interesting experiences.

2:30 pm  
Blogger Kt said...

Erk. What a crap thing to happen.
I'm glad you got back to the park again today.

4:07 pm  

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