Saturday, December 10

I am Woman

I had to make a final statement at the police this week, and when they noticed that I haven't taken my husband's name they asked him, "so that works in Australia?" Works? Which got us to talking about the whole name changing stuff and patriarchy and so on. Since being here in Germany, apart from when we've been with family and friends, I have been the only woman present. I was finally over men, testosterone and egos mid week this week and needed time out big time. Even though JD's work mates are really nice guys, I am missing being around women. This week one of the guy's partner's arrive so that will be good.

So in honour of WOMAN, and her greatness, I want to mention 4 women this week. Madonna, who just doesn't quit and neither does her body. WOW. And to 2 of the most powerful women in the world right now: Angela Merkel & Condaleeza Rice. Angela is going to give as good as she gets so watch out Connie. And to my gorgeous Mum, with her name Day, Barbara Tag, happening last Sunday, get better quickly and I love you!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry I thinbk I hear you saying that you may admire Condoleeza. Are you kidding me. She s..ks Bush's ..... She's made a pact with the Devil don't you know.

Please explain?

3:03 pm  
Blogger Suse said...

Works? Works?

Good grief.

(Here's to your mum and you and Madonna and your women friends. Hope you're enjoying a white Christmas!)

12:54 pm  
Blogger dani said...

in response to milva's comment - i of course don't admire Ms. Rice - in fact her politics suck major big time in my opinion, but I am happy, very happy to see women in such prominent and powerful roles. That's all. I did also say I hope Angela kicks her butt.

6:11 pm  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

Thank you for this. I always love seeing women get a big shout out...we so deserve it. And I agree with you about Condi...whether you agree with her politics or not, you can not doubt that she is opening the doors for other women and I'm grateful to her for that.

3:43 am  

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