Tuesday, June 20

I Feel Bad

Yuck what a morning - I hate confrontation, and standing up for what I think is right, when I don't know exactly what is right.

Yesterday we started the final stage of the new plumbing work so we don't have anymore of those ugly incidents. It all cost an absolute fortune, there are compliance issues, certificates are needed for works done and the Waterboard needs to make inspections and our neighbours who had the same problem want to know that the works we've done is all kosher and hasn't damaged or hindered their work etc etc - basically a whole bunch of stuff I really don't know anything about and I'm handling it all by myself.

So even though the job was quoted at 2 full days - it was all over by 9.15 this morning. I'd called the Waterboard earlier asking for information about what I should expect from the plumber on completion of the job - and I did this because at the end of Stage 1, the plumber kept putting off sending me an amended receipt for the work - because the wording was all wrong and I just didn't want there to be issues like this again, especially if we're able to get this back on insurance.

Let me point out though that the plumber and his assistants are all lovely guys and I felt totally comfortable having them in my home and I trust they've done excellent work because they manage themselves professionally, but JD and family had been adamant when they were telling me to get everything before paying the whole amount.

So the guys have packed up, and my plumber presents me with the receipt and the compliance certificate. We debated for a good 10 minutes about how this isn't exactly the compliance certificate because the Waterboard haven't inspected yet and it's more like the application. This goes on and on with him telling me this is what he always does etc etc and I'm starting to get nervous, and irritated, and less sure about what I'm saying but know I can't do this......so when I say to him well I'll pay half now and the rest when I receive new diagrams etc from the Waterboard he isn't shy about telling me he isn't happy. So without any other options I asked him if it's cool if I call the Waterboard and ask them a few questions. He agreed, and after we were put through to the inspector for my area himself, an appointment for next Monday had been made. Phew. I apologised for making my plumber feel like I didn't trust him and thanked him for everything, but I know he thinks I'm a mega bitch from hell. This feels horrible.

I called the Waterboard inspector back and thanked him for helping me out. He agreed that the plumber had been too casual about it all, and if there were any future problems I have now covered myself. He was also confused about why the plumber hadn't organised the inspection considering that he'd paid for it (or rather we'd paid for it as it was in our quote). He also told me that these sorts of problems actually come back to bite you on the butt, especially when it comes to selling a house because the sewarage diagrams are all wrong and don't make sense. I complimented my plumber because I don't want to rubbish his name at all, but he really wasn't doing the best thing for us by doing it that way.

It's all over now - and now I need to get out of the house and breathe some sea air.


Blogger Aimee "Roo" said...

I hate confontations too, but I think you were wise to do what you did. It would be awful if for some reason after you paid more had to be done and the plumber turned out not to be an honest bloke.

Glad that you have everything fixed though. :)

2:22 pm  
Blogger lisa s said...

be proud. you did good. and you certainly weren't a mega bitch. getting things in order and asking for what is right and yours is just that - right and yours!

3:17 pm  

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