Monday, June 19

Nil All So Far

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The Aussies are playing pretty well - played some good defensive footy and really disciplined, and the Brasilians aren't looking in normal let alone good form. Hopefully this mix works for us and we can keep the ball out of our net next half.

I set my alarm clock for 2am, and missed the whole anthem stuff which is a pity. I hadn't got much sleep in because something was going down nearby around midnight. Cop cars driving so fast, and sirens I've never heard before going on and on - so I'm not sure what they were, and then helicopters hovering. I'm sure I wasn't dreaming it.

A dandelion tea, a quarter of a block of Almond Black & Green's and a bowl of Kettle Chips under my belt - I think I'm easily going to stay awake until the end of the match.

So fingers crossed that I'll be posting tomorrow some time and the score hasn't changed or only moved in the right direction for us.

Go Socceroos!!!!!


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