Sunday, June 11

A Weekend in June

The rain and cold continue. It's a real winter this year and I'm loving it. I love this radical change in season. I love rugging up and wearing lots of layers and all my jackets from Germany and beanies and scarves. I love feeling that the climate can still make a cold winter and rain is falling. Tomorrow the swell is going to be huge - 3 metres or something, like how it used to be when I was a kid and not like this past decade. Sydney has seasons!!! And yesterday Europe had a scorcher - all I can say JD is soak it up because you'll be indoors again all next week.

Had a fantastic night. Possibly the night of the year. Our dear old friend AJ had his 40th and put on a cool do down at Coogee for a whole hoarde of us. It was a night of catching up with shared friends that you just somehow don't get to see that often anymore, but everytime you do you realise how much you love them and how much they mean to you. I am always amazed and feel very blessed to know some amazing people.

It ended up being a late night. If I'm up past 1am, then I can go and go and then have to force myself to sleep, knowing if I don't that I'll feel really bad tomorrow. Sometime after 3am I went to bed and woke quite early but decided to just lie there for a few more minutes thinking I'd just enjoy the warm sheets against my skin and listening to the wind howling outside a little longer - and then was rudely woken at 11.08am with a telephone call.

And today we celebrated the impending birth of a friends baby and then later on my bro-in-law's birthday which was really last Thursday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SM!!!!!!!


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