Tuesday, May 30


Plumbing is a lot like your health. You don’t really think about it unless there’s something wrong with it. Well, we’ve got something wrong with our fucking plumbing, AGAIN. Yesterday afternoon, I wanted to give my plants a little drink because I’d been gone all weekend (at school) and had neglected them. And then I noticed that some sewerage had come out of the drain, just like what had happened in January, but not as bad as then, but SEWERAGE nonetheless, coming out of my drain. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Last time I had instant meltdown – I’d never seen anything like it before, and maybe because I was sharing it with JD I knew I could lose it and he would cope for us. But this time, I almost became silent about it and my coping mechanism made me feel quite calm – for a little while. Plumbers can’t come until this afternoon – so thankfully my gorgeous Mum cooked for me last night (she lives 5 mins away), and I had a shower and felt normal and came home to sleep, although it was kind of a fitful night as this plumbing drama was on my mind. This morning I tested the drain and the water level, and it seemed like running the water in my house wasn’t affecting it at all. So I had a quick shower and inspected again, and the water level was way at the top. I’m so glad I hadn’t gone to the toilet (if you know what I mean) because I couldn’t have coped seeing that coming straight back at me.


Anonymous nicole said...

ugh sounds horrible! Hope the plumbers can work their magic and fix it quickly for you.

9:29 am  
Blogger lisa s said...

oh no... your poor thing. i'm impressed you stayed calm for a bit!!

best of luck!

11:02 am  
Blogger dani said...

thanks nicole and lisa - part 1 job is now done, actually make that part 3 of 4 is now done - I really appreciate your thoughts.

5:12 pm  
Anonymous Wing said...

I once stayed with a couple in Texas and they had the exact same problem. One night the it just all stopped flowing. Yep, the toilets backed up too. It was bad. They could hardly make ends meet with bills and mortgage and were in big debt, and then that happened. But as you know, it had to be fixed. So they bit the bullet and fixed it with even more debt. It was hard times for them, but it reminded me to not take anything for granted.

Today I shall flush with appreciation.

11:20 am  

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