Thursday, May 25

The Good and the Bad


The Irish are so good!!!!! I’m so happy they don’t grovel the way our Aussie pollies do. More than a quarter of the parliament refused to be present when John Howard addressed the Dail – which basically told him to shove his pro-war policies as far as he can shove them. One of the scariest things said by one parliamentarian is that apparently every day the Australian Government steals €1 million worth of oil and gas from the Timor Sea, resources that by international law belong to East Timor. It’s so not sold to us in this way down here, but if there is any truth to this, this needs to be addressed NOW. This is so completely wrong – the East Timorese are amongst the poorest people in the world, and if these precious resources belong to them – why the hell are Australia even contesting ownership let alone taking the profits? Disgusting.


Sunday morning we were driving to the beach when up ahead we saw the cops. We were waved in for a breathaliser test . All we’d packed were the towels and a bottle of water. I didn’t even have the camera. So the 1st thing the cop asks:
“Can I see your ID?”
and of course I haven’t purposely brought my wallet or my drivers license because I didn’t want to leave them on the beach while we walked before our swim. So I reply as politely as possible:
“I’m sorry I don’t have any with me”. Which is true and he shakes his head and tells me:
“that’s against the law, you should always have it with you when you’re driving”. I let him talk more and apologise again and tell him that:
“once my wallet got stolen at the beach, and I feel paranoid about bringing it when I’m just coming for a quick swim”.
He then asked me to state my name and address into his breathaliser machine, and then waved me away, smiled and said don’t do it again.
It restored my faith in people – this is the way we used to be here in Australia but since the whole drama of terrorism and fear-mongering from our politicians started, rules are being followed strictly and to the book.


Green & Blacks’ Organic Almond Chocolate – I just simply can’t get enough of it. Same goes for Planet Organic’s Darjeeling Tea – it’s just so aromatically perfect.


How condescending and patronising was John Howard when he told the Irish that one of the things they brought with them to Australia was dissent? He is an embarrassent. I hope he got the message that he can’t fool all the people all of the time.


The plumber who did the beginning part of some new pipework for us ripped us off big time last time but that was because he did the job for us in a tight time frame and it seemed like a pretty huge job from our inexperienced point of view, but then on the day, he arrived ½ hr late, did a bit of digging, made lots of phone calls, did a bit of digging, went to lunch, stood around talking to his side-kick and then finished the job at 2.30pm in the afternoon. He would have done all of 3 hours real work, and charged us $1000. So if I do my maths correctly, he’s earning more than your average solicitor an hour. So we’ve just asked him to quote on the 2nd part of the job, and he comes up with a more ridiculous figure than last job. Does he think we’re idiots? Or is he just another greedy selfish pig who rips off little people like us whenever they can? The shitty thing is, our job is apparently a small job and noone really wants it. Can you imagine being in that much demand that you can charge over $300 an hour and turn away jobs less than $2000.


Why can’t dog owners who take their sweet pooches for a walk in the neighbourhood or the park pick their dog’s shit up???? I know a lot of you do this but there’s a hell of a lot of you who don’t. It’s so gross, not to mention that it ends up in our drains and stormwater runoff which then ends up on our beaches. Disgusting!!!!


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