Thursday, May 11

The Need for Green

Today I'm feeling very drawn to the colour green. Green brings balance and a feeling of fitness: I'm OK, you're OK, and the world is OK. It's good for all the organs connected to the fourth chakra, like the heart and lungs.

You can see why I'm drawn to this place on the harbour several times a week. It's a tiny national park attached to a gorgeous little beach. And it's very green. When we were kids my Mum brought us here often, and so did our school. It has always been special to me, and I really feel it is one of my energy spots on Earth. It's also the place where we married almost 9 years ago. Although the place where we stood, right on the edge of the cliff is now cutoff and out of bounds because they put up a fence so the hoardes of spectators wouldn't fall to their deaths watching events on the harbour for the Olympics in 2000. Which makes it even more special.


Found via colorsonmymind this week are 2 cool websites: GaianTarot & Daily Runes - clear your mind, pose your question and see if you can be more enlightened about a current problem/situation you're in . I was addicted to my beautiful stone runes for years, but somehow I've misplaced them - this will do until I find them again.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mum's, Grandmother's, Step-Mum's & Foster-Mum's for this Sunday!!
I'll be spending the day with my wonderful Mum and doing my best to make her feel loved. Have a good one!


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