Thursday, April 27

It's Meme Again

OK, Nicole here it is:

First town you ever lived in: Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

First album owned: Abba "Arrival"

First pub gig seen: First gig was Midnight Oil circa 1983. First pub gig may have been Hoodoo Gurus.

First Celebrity Crush: Michael Jackson pre surgery days

First Film you remember seeing: The Little Prince.

First time you drank alcohol: Apart from a few sips of beer as a kid, it would have been around 14-15 and I distinctly remember getting blotto on a flaggon of generic white wine with friends and barfed out of the window of the taxi home and all down the side of it and then continued most of the night much to mother's horror as I slept leaning over the toilet bowl.

First paying job: Got both these jobs in Year 10 at high school -Hair salon hair washer/tea maker/hair sweeper + tennis court receptionist.

First Kiss: My first meaningful kiss was with Ben and I was about 15.

10 People I’m tagging: Michelle, Kath, Kate, Andrew, Kim, Aimee, Heather, Mav, Lisa & Jenny


Anonymous nicole said...

yay for the Oils being your first gig. It must have been AWESOME!

9:18 pm  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

this is fun. i think i'll tack this on to my grateful friday post.

2:33 am  

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