Saturday, April 22


Another day, another balance.

I hadn't planned it this way, but I'd had an appointment booked with my teacher for a few weeks already. I'd woken yesterday with a wonderful sense of calm, clarity and peace. I felt like something deep within myself had shifted. I was in a new space. I really didn't "need" another balance as I'd only just had one the day before, but went with it anyway and now I know I've shifted things further, peeled back layers, released and corrected stuff that doesn't suit my purpose anymore.

And now the weekend is here. Time to be with my loved ones and friends. And today has had that special feel where time has expanded and it seems we had many more hours in the day. How lovely. Nothing rushed. Alot gained. Purely just living in the moment and enjoying it.


Anonymous kyrie said...

these pictures are just incredible! gorgeous!!!

1:34 am  
Blogger tonch said...

I love the pictures, they just soothe me for some reason! :)

2:10 am  

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