Sunday, April 9


Celebrated the 50th birthday of a dear friend of mine last night. It was an awesome do. Seriously an amazing display of talent, attention to detail, awesome food and lots of love. He’s a muso and so are some of his family and loads of his friends, and so “the band” was brilliant and so were the guest appearances. One of them being fairly high profile who put in such a full on and generous performance – I had no idea the dude was that talented or charismatic in the flesh.

The night was long, my sleep was short and I’ve been feeling lethargic ever since waking this morning.

The walk at the beach, wandering the market stalls, the Yum Cha, and seeing the depressingly huge amount of people spending a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon consuming and weighing themselves down with their armfuls of designer shopping bags has only sapped the little energy I had even further. But it was nice spending the day with another old friend Conch, my oldest outside of family – who reminded me today we’ve known each other for some 30+ years now – isn’t that wild! Oh and my little treat to myself of some delicious dark chocolate coated licorice is now making my head spin. I think a hot shower and an early night is the only way out for me now.



Blogger seldom said...

missed your blog birthday! Thanks for your lovely blog and for such inspiration. Many happy returns!

7:40 pm  
Blogger stephoto said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. This is a lovely photo and I want some of that dark chocolate covered licorice! There is nothing to compare to a friend you have had for that many years(30 plus!) Coincidentally, my latest blog entry is about that very thing. There is just no substitute for shared history.
Get some rest now!

4:26 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a great day as well and chocolate bullets have always been a favourite.

Conch xxx

1:26 pm  

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