Tuesday, March 28

Shine Like He Does

Last night I was introduced to the sound of The Church live. AMAZING, COMPLEX, BEAUTIFUL, HAUNTING, and they ROCKED! Steve Kilbey was shining.

Live at the Basement and recorded for ABC radio for some time in the future, they launched a new album "Uninvited, Like The Clouds" - which is stunning - and they played acoustic and I was floored by their performance. They’re real. Such beautiful lyrics and arrangements and melodies – and they seem to have an ancient chanting undercurrent of energy to the music which is fascinating and totally speaks to my heart – so much so that I stayed in light sleep from all that energy awakened. They definitely have that universal subconscious, unconscious and conscious way of conveying sound and music going on.

No pics - left the camera at home. Silly girl.


Anonymous nicole said...

Sounds wonderful! And the Basement is such a great venue, too. Always a special night there.

10:58 am  

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