Friday, March 24

It's all about the Qi

Had a very interesting acupuncture session this morning. Next time I'm going to try and take photos because those little tiny needles look very cool. So hopefully my nice doktor has gotten my kidney and liver meridians moving in the right way!! It's all about the flow, tempo and voracity. Bring it on!

Travelling across the bridge always puts me in a good mood. I guess seeing 2 amazing engineering and architectural icons in a setting of blue harbour does that.

My 2nd module in Kinesiology starts today until Monday - looking very forward to that. Just loving learning again.

And also can't wait to see our old friend Evil-John all the way over from New Jersey - look out kids - Saturday could get ugly.

Love one another and stay safe!


Blogger la vie en rose said...

enjoy your weekend!

4:41 am  
Blogger Heather said...

Have a good one!!

2:54 pm  
Blogger Xcaped said...

being sydney born and bred, i am still amazed every time i drive across the bridge.. i still actually strain out of my seat to get a better view of the harbour. we are definately very lucky !

9:08 pm  

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