Sunday, March 19

Sunday Pleasures

My endless talk about this endless summer we're having is probably boring you all by now, but again today, we had true blue skies and heat.

I was on the go the whole day, but being with family and friends is what life's all about now isn't it? And I think I find it more energising than depleting. Visited my Mum. Had Yum Cha with old friends. And then rounded the day off with a superb bbq feast at my girlfriend’s for her birthday. Happy Birthday Noni!! Thanks again for another awesome feast.

This ocean trout was huge and fed 12 of us not counting the kids.

I wish I could show you all the amazing enormous golden moon that was hovering above the horizon. Simply beautiful! But I was driving home on a freeway, and by the time the moon comes up enough for me to shoot it from here it will have lost that orangey goldeness that made that moon so special. I can't stop thinking about it.

JD sent me some photos from last weekend when he went home to visit his family. They've been on the other hand experiencing a never ending winter. And this snowman in March proves that.

It was a really lovely summery Sunday.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

i had problems downloading photos this weekend too. what's up with that?!?!?! your pics are always so crisp and fresh and vivid. they make me want to take a photography class so that i can improve my skills.

4:11 am  

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