Wednesday, March 8

Summer Never Ends

While JD is battling mini snowstorms on the autobahn, I'm trying to stay cool and only venture out into the sun in the afternoon when the sun's bite isn't as brutal.

The last few days has seen summer return with a vengeance. Perfect for extending the day into the early evening, eating fish and chips on the beach and and enjoying this glorious life.

I am so spoilt for choice of beaches - there's about 10 nearby which I usually narrow down to 2, so depending on the wind conditions and time of day that's how I make my choice.

Sydney has a full working harbour, and in the 60's there was a lot of dirty industry up river which polluted these waters. Today we're told it's clean and safe, and it certainly looks that way, maybe because the mouth to the ocean is so close that it's always being continually flushed with clean water, but sometimes I wonder.

A wobbly fuzzy shot from the car as I'm driving is better than none at all when the sunset looked like this.

These guys were having fun - so much that they nearly slammed into us as they were running away from each other. It was highly amusing, they were acting like kids.


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