Wednesday, March 1

Feeling Blue

JD is still probably in ascent mode in the plane, and will soon be flying over the beautiful red sands of our interior before landing in sticky humid Singapore and then finally touching down in 24hrs in his motherland. We envisage 6 weeks apart this time. 6 weeks too long. And this time because of school, I'll be head down, studying loads and hopefully making the time pass quickly.

A walk on the beach and swim was the perfect way to send him off - followed by a delicious bento box for lunch. Yum!

These little critters were all over the beach. I've never seen anything like them before. I wonder if they're 1st stage blue bottles??? Can anyone help here?

This colour is so beautiful. I wonder why we associate the word "blue" with feeling a bit sad when blue is so peaceful and serene and uplifting?


Anonymous nicole said...

Amazing photos of those sea creatures. and the texture of the sand. Lovely!

6 weeks will fly (it's March already and I sure as hell don't know where this year is going!).

7:26 pm  
Anonymous mav said...

your photographs take me to a calming place today. thank you! they are gorgeous! mav

1:43 am  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

hmmmm...i don't know the answer to that...

4:51 am  
Anonymous steph said...

I vaguely remember reading about these dial-shaped jellies, I think they're Porpita porpita. I don't think they are "blue-bottles" but they are related. I think? We have blue bottles here, and we call them Portuguese Men of War, Physalia physalis.

(singing) I love your blog! (/singing) :)

7:04 pm  

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