Friday, February 17

Feeling Good Feeling Bad

All summer I've been waiting for a huge dramatic afternoon storm and yesterday something similar came. Clouds and humidity had been brewing all day, making the air tense - and then it got all black, and then the thunder rolled in and tada....rain. It lasted half an hour but the intensity wasn't there and the rain fell gently rather than the normal torrential type of huge heavy raindrops that flood the streets because our drains can't handle it. This my friends is another obvious sign of climate change - how many more signs will we ignore?

Last night we were treated to dinner at The Red Lantern by our good friend GD. It's fantastic Vietnamese nouvelle cuisine. It was full when we arrived at 7.30pm, and then there was another sitting again while we were there and it was full when we were leaving. Amazing trade and they've been open a few years now. But I'm feeling rather seedy today, eeeeeeeeeerrrk. Hate feeling seedy.

The food was divine but we had too much wine and then went on to a pub and GD smokes ridiculous cigars and so passive smoking those pushed me over the edge. Cigarette smoke is revolting but cigars - absolutely offensive and disgusting and should be banned.

Must. Go. Now. And. Get. More. Water. And maybe a panadol.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

OH NO! hope you are feeling better soon.

4:45 am  
Blogger Server Girl said...

i also can't stand cigars...ugh! I do love vietnamese food though. when i visited australia, they had the best asian food ever...yummy!

3:23 pm  

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