Monday, February 13

The One, The Only

Happy Birthday Brian!!!! Today you would have been 75. I miss you!!!!

Almost 11 years ago my step-dad died. It's really hard to believe that many years have passed.

Now more than ever I miss his presence, his wisdom, he's participation in my life, all our lives. But what has become even more apparent to me of late, is the fact that he is always with me, always has been and will continue to be and I need to be open to him and all his love and guidance.

I found this Maori proverb about messengers recently that really hit home:

My greatness comes not from me alone
It derives from a multitude, from my ancestors
The authority, the awe, the divine, and the artistry,
I inherited these gifts, from my ancestors.
Brian is of course not a blood ancestor, but he came into my Mum's life for a reason and then ours, and has been to date the most important male role model in my life. There are so many gifts he gave unconditionally, love being at the top of the list.
And so I will mark this, your 75th birthday, to start afresh my relationship with you.


Blogger lisa s said...

this is so incredibly sweet... i love the hidea of what we learn/get/inherit from our ancestors....

4:22 pm  

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