Monday, February 6

A New Day, A New Week

JD's alarm goes off really early, which is a good thing because it gets my butt out of bed. After a short bit of work, I was easily tempted away from the computer by my sister - to join her and my niece at Bondi.

The sun was burning hot at 10am - we stayed less than an hour - I did absolutely not 1 lap - but loved being in the coolness of the sea water.

Isn't this frangi spectacular? - apparently as it dies it starts to look like this:

Back home for lunch, phone calls, more phone calls - and organising lots of appointments. JD is coming home early and with this heat hanging around, I think it will still be 30 at 6pm tonight.

The sound of cicadas is wild today - they're going off! It's been a blissful day so far, hope yours is too.


Well it's now after 9pm it's still HOT. Sorry to always bore you with weather talk but this is crazy. As so was the beach tonight - the water was so warm. And then we topped it off with salmon on the BBQ - divine.



Blogger la vie en rose said...

i'm so amazed by how blue the water is. lovely!

4:24 am  
Blogger kath red said...

the waves, i want to jump right in
and those yellow stairs yummy

2:02 pm  

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