Thursday, February 2


I rarely talk about TV programmes I love, but I’m so overwhelmed by SBS’s RAN that I need to share.

This is gutsy, raw, real, spiritual, and the most authentic drama I’ve ever seen. Nothing is glossed over, nothing is spared, we seeing real Torres Strait Island life and community acted out by locals and many 1st time actors.

It’s a visual feast, it’s a mirror for both indigenous & non-indigenous communities, it addresses issues usually swept under the carpet by our government and not openly discussed in company – alcoholism, loss of purpose, boredom, domestic violence, oppression, racism. And using a white Remote Area Nurse (RAN) and the health system or lack of it, to bounce everything off up there in such a remote part of Australia and being transported to this world, with real dialect and accents and all the tribal & family politics sharing equal limelight, the show rushes past you despite the minimal dialogue and perfect natural gaps real people have and you’re always left wanting more and more and more.

I’m so glad SBS are showing this. I’m so happy this has been made, and hopefully it’s just the beginning of seeing Island and indigenous Australian drama on national TV.

BRAVO Jan Chapman, Sue Smith & David Caesar – and music by David Bridie!!!!! You’re all sensational.

They only made 6 episodes and the last one is on next Thursday if you're in Oz to catch it. So do yourselves a huge favour.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

this sounds really great.

4:40 am  
Anonymous nicole said...

argh i've missed every episode so far. it sounds great. yes I'm all for more indigenous drama/stories being told in this country.

4:19 pm  

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