Wednesday, January 18


Here is a quote from an Australian Aboriginal Elder that totally resonates with me:

You white people don'tunderstand what we mean by "family". When a baby is born, it is given to its "mother". That means, the mother who bore it, all her sisters and all her aunties. they are responsible for caring for it and teaching it. It is also given to all its "fathers". That means, its natural father, all his brothers and all his uncles. They are responsible for caring for it and teaching it. Everyone else in the tribe is brother and sister. We think it is really primitive for a baby to have only one mother and father!

If the whole world lived like this it would definitely be a better place.

I am lucky enough to have these beautiful girls in my life who make my life richer.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

beautiful quote and wonderful lesson to learn and remember. your pics of your sweet ones are amazing.

4:04 am  

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