Tuesday, January 17


Cricket is Australia's no. 1 summer sport. And one of the few good things the Brits and their colonisation brought to many parts of the Commonwealth. Beach cricket is cool. Fielders can choose to cool off in the water and take stunning diving catches, and tennis balls hurt far less than a 6-stitcher.

But what about this stupid game they've now invented - 20/20. One day cricket is predictable enough but at least with 50 overs each you've got more chance to "play" cricket. With only 20 overs each, it's a slog-fest gone mad - the game just does nothing for me at all. Do the dudes in control think that the average joe blow's attention span can only handle this sort of length or has it got something to do with tv coverage, advertising & ratings? Or is it just the perpetual need for the human to have to keep on reinventing the wheel. Give us a break please! We've got Test, 4-day cricket, 1-day cricket and even a 6-day Test - isn't this enough already?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree! There's nothing better than lounging around all day for 5 days watching the Cricket! 20/20 just doesn't cut it!

12:06 am  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

*sigh* a day at the beach *sigh*

4:37 am  
Anonymous wytch said...

the photos definitely capture the moods
I can't believe how empty the beach was

8:42 pm  

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