Friday, December 30

I Miss My Broadband Badly

Sitting in front of a computer these days is hellish. When I use my mother-in-law's computer I can't attach photos to blog posts, I'm booted off altogether far too often, and I can't surf flickr without telling it 1000000000 times it's a safe site and I also can only use it when my brother-in-law isn't in the room as it's his bedroom as well.

And even though I'm glad I lugged my laptop here, I'm unable to send email to most people in my address book, receiving/sending is so damn slow it takes 30 mins to upload a 300kb photo. FUN. NOT. IN. THE. LEAST. and I also tie up the phone line because I can't use the ISDN modem because my laptop doesn't talk ISDN.

So what can I tell you? This morning we woke to 5-10cm of snow. It's cold cold, -4 with a breeze feels icy and it really bites into your skin. My sore throat and cough are hanging in there, exhausting me, my voice is ultra husky, I've lost my appetite, but thankfully it isn't the flu so I am happy.

Every little thing really does look so pretty with snow on top. I feel like I'm on a ski holiday, but without the slopes, long queues and sore muscles. But one small part of me is dying for the beach and summer heat that my family and friends at home keep telling me about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi winterwonderlander
we're just about to troddle on down to ye olde bondi
it has been so crowded as you could imagine when the mercury touches 100c, but hey world - I want you all to know - there hasn't been the slightest hint of violence,animosity,intolerance whatever THEY want to call it.
Everyone loves EVERYONE here in Bondi.
So come on down.

TRy honey,lemon and ginger drinks.
Keep dosing with Ferr Phos
Thyme tea works a treat
and don't forget warming apperitifs to get your dogestive juices flowing. That will bring back your appetite

See you soon

9:00 am  

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