Tuesday, December 27

White Christmas

My wish came true, and even though it snowed on Boxing Day, I count this as a White Christmas - my first one ever!

Taking off in the car after breakfast, the clocked turned 12.00pm and the thermometer read 0 degrees. Ten minutes into our walk in the forest it started snowing. Gorgeous fluffy slow flakes weren't falling, it was more like slow icy rain, but after about 30 minutes everything was white and sugar coated. Believe it or not, after having spent roughly 4 winters in Germany, this was also the first time I'd ever been walking in a forest in the snow. It continued to snow the rest of the day, and it eventually turned to the real deal, flakes were falling nice and slowly and the temperature had dropped even further so it was hanging around now and started to freeze.

After an early dinner we had to schlepp snow from the footpath outside the house and sprinkle salt to help it from freezing over, and we went for a short walk through the neighbourhood. It was gorgeous. Walking through fresh real virgin snow, crunching underfoot, and all the Xmas lights and trees and decorations made ordinary suburban streets look like fairyland.

Even with a sore throat, an annoying ticklish cough and snotty nose I went to bed last night feeling very content.

And this morning it is still snowing every now and then, but the sun is also shining - it looks beautiful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah that's so cool
I wished for you that you'd get your White fairyscape.

We melted under 38c today,it really is time travel to be in another hemisphere - it may as well be another time, another decade another life.....


10:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds truly magical.

Conch xxx

10:32 am  

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