Tuesday, December 20

Snow is Cool Until It Melts

I've been having trouble again with the internet, blogging and flickr access. I'm using a computer that is set up with AOL as the provider and it's making things extremely difficult.

Right now Blogger is set up in German rather than English and I'm unable to see the normal tools like fonts, links, adding pics etc etc.

So until I work this out, this post was going to show you how excited I was on Saturday morning to see that it had snowed overnight. The whole 3 hour drive north west and then south west was like driving through a winter fairy wonderland - just simply stunning. Because it was so cold, it hovered around 0 to +1, and our hire car didn't come with winter tyres and we were scared about hitting black ice because we'd had a bit of slippage and sliding happening on the highway we really didn't stop that often to take photos but I wanted to show you a couple. Just use your imaginations guys.

And yes Conch, a white Xmas may be just around the corner. And thanks Milva for your sense of humour regarding the hoodie. I think it's going to look great on Jindi or Doll.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do you mean sense of humour?
I actually NEED everything on that list.

11:29 am  

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