Thursday, December 15


For years I'd been wanting to go to Dresden and finally last weekend we made it. Driving in it reminded me of how culturally central , wealthy and completely stylish this part of Europe once was with those big old grand buildings dominating the skyline over the Elbe.

There were loads of tourists which was a surprise considering it's winter, and there were not one or two or even three Xmas Markets, I couldn't count how many there must have been.

We did a tour of the SemperOper which is the face of Dresden. A grand old opera house. And walked about the touristy area but it wasn't until we entered the Uni Quarter that things started really getting interesting. Dresden has a very funky arty community happening there, and the walls and shops are adorned with original concepts absolutely everywhere.

We went to one cafe that was a combination of Japanese Zen style meets bohemian - and I had the best Vanilla Soy Milkshake that was to die for.

Mum, this porcelain from Meisen is the present I'd buy for you if only I had the dosh. Check out those prices and almost double them to make $AUD. Ouch.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

i'm so glad to be making this journey with you via the web. it's like i can get a glimpse without leaving my chair.

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