Monday, December 12

More about Woman Power

Just in case I didn't make myself clear enough the other day ranting about women, I need to say this about Condaleeza Rice.

I am very happy to see a woman in her position. I am very happy to see a female figure sitting anywhere in international politics. There aren't enough of us even at the local level, so when it comes to national and international politics I can only be hopeful in thinking that she and others like her will be positive role models for young women, giving them the motivation to think about work like this for themselves.

I do not however condone Ms. Rice's politics, I hate the dudes she hangs out with, I hate the lies she and her dudes speak daily, I hate the arrogance and sheer stupidity - and the "can't touch us" & "we're above the law" attitudes they perpertuate. And may I reiterate, I hope Angie Merkel starts kicking ass!


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