Monday, December 12

Afternoon Glow

the elbe
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Had to go & make an official statement at the police and JD therefore got time off to be with me because I didn't want to say and sign one mre thing without him being my translator. My German is good but not good enough to do stuff like that by myself. The yucky part was when they showed me some head shots of some guys who are on their wanted list for this sort of thing. Revolting and I can't say I spent much time gazing into their eyes. So after that we quickly drove to the river and it was such a beautiful afternoon, and so peaceful there. A few years ago at this very town the river rose so rapidly and so high, it ruined most of the houses, buildings and industry in the area. It has huge floodplains at the sides in many places so it is hard to believe how high the water must have been. Scary.


Anonymous kimbofo said...

That is an absolutely stunning picture. I love the bird!

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