Sunday, January 8

Early Rising

Awake again at 5.30. Grinning at each other. Hunger pains and pink fluffy clouds pull me out of bed. Delicious spelt and fig muesli with peach for breakfast and then down to the beach. Almost no other cars on the road until we get to the beach and parking is hard even at 7am. The few people left in Sydney at this time of the year all have the same thing on their mind. Walking exhausts me and so we don't even complete 1 lap. But so lovely sitting on the sand, feeling the breeze, watching the surf and 1 brilliant surfer having the longest rides and doing all sorts of tricks. A quick visit to my sister & bro-in-law to hear all about their big night out and had a very delicious cup of sweet organic coffee, yummmm.

Quick detour via Centennial Park, and that looks like a ghost town too. Weird. Home for lunch. Sorting out accommodation for us to have a few days down south now and it's looking possible. I just wish I could breathe better. This heat and humidity must be doing some good, it feels so nice to wear almost nothing and I'm warm.


Anonymous kimbofo said...

Welcome home.

Can't believe how blue the sky looks. How I am hanging out for some blue skies!!

2:10 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome home darl. Are you both feeling better?

Catch up soon.

Conch xxx

2:00 pm  
Blogger ac said...

hei! it feels SOOO weird to see and read "summer"...

i ll blogroll you tonight ;)!!!

viele liebe grĂ¼sse aus helsinki

1:19 am  

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