Monday, January 16

What, Half the Month Has Gone Already?

Can't believe it is the middle of January already. 2005 flew by for me so quickly and I feel like I achieved almost nothing. I'm telling you all now and putting it in B/W:

This year is going to be different! This year will be the year of turning ideas into reality! This year will be the year of creativity! This year I'm going to kick butt!

So having said that, here is some of what we got up to down south. It was all about early rising, early to bed, walking, relaxing, recovering, and soaking up the sun and salty ocean. It was lovely!

This is one of my favourite beaches in the whole world. Unfortunately the day was slightly ruined by a family of absolute etiquetteless arseholes. We arrived early and the beach was almost empty. The whole beach practically available. We found a little nook between some bushes and trees on a high part of the beach (the beach backs on to national park so the bush meets the ocean). We'd just put down our things and JD was just about to ram in our umbrella when out of the corner of our eyes we saw a woman and then a man and then there 2 kids walking up and standing a few feet away looking at our spot. The woman then says "yes this is where we were yesterday". JD gets a bad feeling, so do I but I say " put the umbrella up please, NOW". The woman then plonks herself down 3 feet away from where the point of the umbrella would hit the sand. Flabbergasted! Shocked! Astonished! Confused! Pissed Off is how I felt. I just could not get this. The audacity. The weirdness. I wanted to stay to claim our piece of heaven but JD couldn't be bothered and so picked everything up and started walking down the beach. I looked at them and said " are you serious? we were here first, what are you thinking?" and they all looked at me like they didn't speak English.

The day this fishy sharky cloud appeared in the sky was the day an aerial photographer managed to snap a shot of a 3 metre shark swimming in exactly these waters. Apparently a white pointer was accompanying the smaller shark. We saw a small sting ray and lots of fish but thankfully no shark except in the sky.

And this just made me smile. And restored the good mood that the selfish family had taken.


Anonymous kimbofo said...

That water looks absolutely divine.

And what's with the creatures lying on the sand? Are they blow up floaty things?

7:37 am  
Blogger ana ventura said...

I love this 3 pictures! Nice place!

9:29 pm  

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