Monday, January 9

Hot & Sticky

It's summer alright. The back of my neck is so hot and the air is so tropical. For anyone who has been in Sydney all summer, today feels a bit cool, a bit fresh and definitely not hot. But for me it feels like HOLIDAY. And it is.

Loving all the fruit in season, loving the rosella's screeching in the trees, loving seeing the beautiful expressive amazing loved filled faces of my nieces, loving seeing my family, loving wearing no shoes, loving that JD still has 6 more days off until he has to return to work.

If you're in Sydney, Flickerfest runs until the end of the week down at The Pavillion. I hope to make it there when we get back.

Just realised it was our good friend Andreas' birthday yesterday - we'll call you when we get back & hope you had a great one!!

Ciao for a couple of days.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

i'm enjoying your warm, summer pics. they make me ready for winter's end.

6:43 am  

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