Thursday, February 9

Colours to Die For

Before we left the house I asked myself 3 times “should I take the camera?”, and because we were heading to the beach, and I wanted the freedom to walk or swim or do whatever without needing to think about my camera being attached to me or sand getting in it, I left it behind.

Big mistake!!!!!

Imagine a huge big sky with big enormous white thunderhead clouds building and building, and behind them a grey black front of storm allowing only the slighest edge of sunlight through miniscule gaps in one part of the sky reminding you that indeed the sun was still up and blazing behind all of that, in fact it was the driving force behind this weather and the air was getting thicker, denser, wetter, warmer. And the normally blue green sea was turned into the most stuning deep green grey that was still glassy but dense looking and the sky on the horizon was deep blue and the waves were huge and a bit dumpy, everyone had to be careful out there, except for the board-riders who were able to occasionally get a nice shaped wave bring them all the way in. The sand was piled up so high at the back of the beach making the promenade only inches away from the beach below, and the tide was coming in and in and surprising everyone, including me, as I walked along the shore’s edge, rushing in and up my legs and soaking my skirt not once but twice. And then big droplets of rain came, nice and slowly, teasing, not really arriving but then the drops got huge and heavier and everyone started packing up and running. And by the time we got to the bridge on Campbell Parade the rain had stopped. And now the dust and dirt on our car had turned into a mess of mud, not enough rain to do anything but make matters worse. And even more surprisingly I had loads of water in the wipers to clean off the windscreen.

No images, only memories and words. Maybe things are better this way.


Anonymous jenny vorwaller said...

oh!! this is sooo wild! i had a dream last night that we saw the most amazing sky with the most surreal looking coulds, and i had to RUN back to the house to get my camera...and the stairs never ended, they just kept going and going! :)

11:17 pm  

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