Thursday, February 9

The Power of Sound

The last time Jindi stayed over she was intrigued with JD's guitars, but his classical hand-built ones are way too big for her to hold. So then he thought about his electric one and also brought down this little amp that does all sorts of tricks and she was totally blown away. She was rocking out, and became one wth the guitar. She was Jimmy Hendrix.

She still loves her violin and improves out of sight every time she plays but I think her heart may belong to the electric guitar.

I love the way all kids gravitate to musical instruments when they're very young, and when they realise they are actually making the sound themselves the smiles on their faces is priceless. This for me is definitely proof that their is an innate need to make and feel music, it's as natural as breathing, and if we used music in more of a communicative communal way like loads of indigenous cultures do we would have a more balanced, more intuitive and more creative way of life.


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she's a rocker!

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