Monday, February 13


On Friday night I made my decision to study Kinesiology. I've been trying to make my decision for a few weeks now, not knowing if this was the right thing for me to study but also trying to find the right place to do it. It feels great to now have the decision behind me. I am very excited!

Congrats also to our good friend AJ who has just bought a new house near the beach. It's a great pad and on Friday after the royal tour I dubbed it "new party house". For decades now he has been the quintessential bachelor and been more a guest than a host and I think things are about to change big time. Well, they better!!

Didn't get up to a whole lot more this weekend other than the beach for a swim, a walk in yesterday's heat - yuck - too hot for that, a visit to the cemetary with my Mum to light joss sticks and lay flowers on Brian and my grandparents, and the ongoing process of some minor renovations. Oh and realised too late that I'd forgotten about getting tickets to see Nigel Kennedy and his jazz band from Poland at the Basement this week. What an idiot. Somehow I thought I'd bought them. I am majorly bummed about that.


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