Wednesday, February 22


And still I've got a few photos left I wanted to share with y'all from my time in Germany at the end of last year.

My main man will be heading back there again very soon. Not for months and months like last time but for about 6 weeks and this time I'm not going - I can't because I start my studies this Friday.

Germany is a real mix of the old meets new. Medieval meets modern. Conservative meets progressive. Reserved meets avant garde. I think this mix makes it one of the more interesting places to visit, especially once you scratch the surface. Germany always gets pushed to the back burner when you think of European holiday destinations because the countries of the south with the warmer mediterranean climates and siesta lifestyles speak more about holiday. But please let me assure you all about this, I spent 4 years and 4 summers there and the 1st 2 summers were HOT. 30+ for almost 3 months day after day - I was shocked. Not every summer is like this, but thanks to the old greenhouse effect I think the beaches of the Ostsee and islands like Ruegen and the lakes around Berlin and Munich will become far more popular and necessary to cool off at.


Blogger ac said...

you are so right! germany is an interesting country. full of history, good and bad. you have been to RĂ¼gen? isn't it a shame this beautiful island is in the media these days because of the bird flu? it appears, that whenever it comes to "natural desasters", the poorest parts/countries are hit. a lot of people cancell their holiday now. tourism is what especially the eastern baltic part is dependend on.

thanks for the honest and nice words you used to describe germany. (i am about to get patriotic ;) !)

viele liebe gruesse and have a good start with your studies!

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