Sunday, February 19


swimming in the ocean was the only thing that cooled me down.

flinching from pain at the doctors whilst getting some skin damage lumps burnt off.

sleeping with just a sheet on felt too hot.

crying at the movies, and trying to suppress sobbing was difficult and resulted in that huge ugly pain you get in your throat and chest. ouch.

feeling guilty for having more than 4 or 5 showers in a day.

connecting with jd about life and love was sublime.

enjoying milo again after such a long time.

sleeping in is good. although harder when the sun is bouncing off the building across the street burning straight into your eyes telling your subconscious that it is way later than 6am.

seeing blue bottles on the beach wasn’t enough to deter diving in. albeit rather quickly today.

watching the girls faces smiling and laughing and splashing and chasing and just being is divine.

completing my first ever suduko. i promise i won't get addicted - it's far too time consuming.

realising anatomy & physiology is like learning a new language and enjoying learning again.

sweating just sitting here typing.


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