Wednesday, February 22

All the Little Things

Hunting and gathering isn't as easy as going down to the local anymore. Eating organic as much as we can afford it, spelt instead of wheat, goat's milk instead of cow, and then adding all the normal groceries makes it impossible to shop in one strip, or one suburb or on one day a week. Thank god for the choice we have. Thank god for the fact everything is within 15 minutes from my house. And thank god there are so many beautiful things to see and admire on the way.

These wrought iron fences are typical Sydney style. I once heard that they were used as ballast in the ships coming from England way back when, and were also useful once the ship had arrived. This house could belong in London.

Gorgeous tiles adorning a worn out staircase. The house at the end of the staircase is less than pretty.

A children's library got a lovely facelift a few years back. This makes me smile and think of fairies and goblins every time I pass.

I'm always attracted to rainbows.

On my hunt for some pressies, dropped into visit Mum at her work and this was my gift.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

fabulous pics. i've been trying to become a more conscious eater myself and it is difficult and expensive. but i've been meat free for 2 1/2 weeks! for me, the daughter of a cattle rancher, that is something.

6:20 am  
Anonymous steph said...

what is this "gift" above? is it a parking ticket/traffic violation slip? What are "pressies?" You aussies have some serious slang! :)
(we do, too, I guess)

2:52 am  
Blogger dani said...

steph it's pattern paper. i love it!

oh and pressies are presents/gifts. aussies shorten everything or add "y" or "ie" to the end ok.


michelle - we were invited to a dinner party last night and they served beef - i couldn't believe it. i don't eat beef - and yet i graciously ate the tiniest bit and didn't take anymore and came home hungry.

4:15 pm  

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