Tuesday, March 7

Self Portrait Tuesday: TIME

I just looked for March's theme and now realise I'm way behind because it's already March 7th. Weirdly I have 2 pics from the last few days that I can use and this is what I've been doing mid-morning when I'm desperate for more energy - breakfast feels long gone and used up and if I'm working or out and about and miss this meal, come 12pm and I can turn into a nasty irritable cow:

Instead of studying I was flicking through 2 new magazines. Olive tapenade is my crave of the moment - green or black, it doesn't matter, I love it!

I don't really eat alot of eggs, but this week I was craving them. This time I distracted myself from studying with the food. I shouldn't eat cow dairy but we had this old aged cheddar in the fridge and it was calling my name. Yum!

If you don't know anything about SPT, please check out the ever growing number of creative types who are involved with this project here & here.


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