Monday, March 6

Hypocrites & Liars: One Rule for Us, One Rule for Them - Like it or Lump it!

Things are going from bad to worse. Last week I caught a doco on tv about non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Well to put it more precisely, the fact is that many countries around the world are excluded from doing any research, and are considered scary monsters who need to be kept away from this technology because they’ll only use it for evil purposes etc etc and are constantly under the microscope.

What is even more frightening is the undisputable fact that the US have a larger stockpile of weapons with nuclear warheads than all the other nations put together. Now that’s scary.

It is also one of the few countries who haven’t signed the non-proliferation treaty. Why not? And is also about to undertake renewing and updating it’s stockpile, because they say the weapons stockpiled are old, unsafe, have use-by dates and wouldn’t be capable of protecting the US anymore. Yeah right, NOT!

So even though the US have dropped a whole heap of old, unsafe, weapons of mass distruction on countries like Afghanistan & Iraq in the last few years, they still have more WMA than all the other countries with WMA put together. So who’s really the enemy? And why should the US be even able to renew their WMA with even more destructive WMA – I mean a nuclear weapon is a fucking NUCLEAR WEAPON. And why should the US be able to make pacts and agreements with India about nuclear use and research when other countries are deemed not safe enough to?

This morning, the first thing I heard, so not the best way to start the day I can assure you, was the obvious next step – and that is that Howard and his henchmen are now considering selling uranium to India. In this time of non-proliferation, why are we even thinking about this? How can this be allowed? How can we say Iran and North Korea and Russia aren’t allowed to carry out research? This is sick! How does the Coaltion of the Willing and this group of western arrogant countries think they can get away with this? When is the UN going to step in and say NO MORE!


Blogger eireann said...

I know--I am disgusted by my government's hypocrisy re:nuclear programs. I hate that we police the world but don't bother to follow our own rules (well, I hate that we police the world, regardless) --how arrogant, how stupid. And no one seems to care that nukes are dangerous and bad REGARDLESS of who has them (or how you feel about the people who have them). The last thing America needs is another way to look like we don't care about the world, but. Argh.

And hello--found you via redcurrent.

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