Thursday, March 2

Out & About

The coolest view in town while you're washing your hands and part of a funky toilet block design.

Playground design has gotten so stylish. Bold colour, recycled materials & shade cloths. Kids never had it so good.

Pretty puddle.

It aint called the golden hour for nothing.

The sight and sound of a horse reminds me of a time past. A time I didn't belong to at all, but one I feel had a slower pace and better connection with enjoying the simpler things in life.

Just adore this design.


Last night caught up with some fellow cyberworld dudes - at the ACP's latest exhibition - "If You Leave Me Can I Come Too" which is well worth seeing. The Sydneyphotobloggers are a great bunch of people and if you want to check out some of their amazing work, you can visit each and every one of them here: The Department, merejames, Elton, Kent, Talsit de Cod, yankinoz, James & Alex.


Anonymous wytch said...

love the puddle
beauty comes from seeing beauty

5:12 pm  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

these pics made my day!

6:11 am  

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